The 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Disposable Vape – Introducing the NKD 100 Max Disposable

With a disposable vape like the NKD 100 Max, you can actually say goodbye to smoking and mean it this time. This is because disposables are the new e-cigarette pens that imitate the feeling of smoking. Thousands of people have quit smoking with the use of disposable vapes. The challenge though is knowing which one to go for. Disposable vapes come in all manner of shapes and sizes and you don’t know which one to use. Again, the many jargons make it difficult to make the right choice. In this article, we have put together 4 valuable tips to help you decide on the right vape for you, and why you should consider the NKD 100.

4 Things to Look Out for in a Disposable Vape

Nearly all disposable vapes that are available on the market look alike, in terms of final packaging. This means that when you purchase a disposable vape, in most cases, they come pre-filled with e-juice, and the battery has already been charged. The fact that disposables come ready to vape is what makes them so attractive. So to choose the right disposable, you must look beyond the externals, into the internal workings.
So here are the 4 things to look out for

Battery Life

Since we have established that all disposables look alike, because of the commitment of manufacturers to convenience and discreteness. However, the best vapes distinguish themselves by focusing on longevity aka battery life.

However, it is easy to think that a large battery capacity automatically equals longevity. But this is not the case. The best way to measure the longevity of a disposable vape is by how many puffs you get from that device.


No matter how durable a disposable device is, something else will determine if that vape ends up in the trash, or goes with you everywhere. This is because the vape’s flavor profile or e-juice is the crowning jewel of the disposable. so, if you have a durable device with a shitty e-juice, what you have overall is a shitty vaping device.


The beautiful thing about disposables is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of other moving parts. They are simple, hassle-free devices that spice up your life. however, as important as the battery life is, and the flavor also, the coil is of equal importance. The coil determines the potency of the e-liquid, whether it hits home or not.

When you take a draw, your battery warms up and heats up the coil. The coil, in turn, heats up the e-juice tank and the wick and delivers flavored juice into your lungs or mouth (depending on the type of device – if it is a mouth-to-lung vape or direct-to-lung vape). The potency of the flavor that you inhale is totally dependent on the atomizer or coil.

Ergonomics and User-friendliness

This is the last thing to look out for when deciding on the right vape. This means that the vape is easy to use and fits your mouth and lifestyle perfectly. As a first-timer, you need a vape that is easy to use. This means that there are no buttons to press or triggers to pull. Easy to use means that the vape is draw-activated and possesses an automatic firing mechanism to deliver sweet clouds into your mouth every time you inhale.

Introducing The NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape

The NKD 100 checks all the boxes.

  1. Battery Life – The NKD 100 Max has an internal battery with a 500mAh power capacity. But, as we said earlier, the best way to determine if a disposable vape is truly long-lasting is by the number of puffs it offers. The NKD 100 Max disposable offers approximately 4500 puffs. This means that this disposable vape offers uninterrupted vaping time. As a first-time vaper, you are going to try so many disposables until you find your “sweet spot”. Having a disposable like the NKD100 which gives you 4500 puffs is a good thing. You don’t want to be stuck with a 7000 puff count e-cigarette that you won’t like.
  2. Flavor – as a first-timer, there is a chance that you will play with a lot of juices before you truly settle for your favorite flavor profile. This means that you need a disposable with a variety of e-juice options, the NKD 100 Max fits that bill perfectly. There are 8 flavors that you can pick from. The juice tank is 10ml, so you can be sure of complete satisfaction.
  3. Coil – The NKD 100 Max has a nice 1.20ohm vape coil, and the salt nicotine strength is 5ml. this means that the coil increases the cloud production and ensures every draw gets better and better. It also means that you get a nice throat hit that imitates smoking, which helps you finally quit smoking,
  4. Ergonomics and User friendliness – The NKD 100 Max is draw-activated, making it the perfect vaping kit for a first-timer.


The NKD 100 Max satisfies the craving of every new vaper searching for a disposable with thick powerful clouds, high puff count, e-juice capacity, and uninterrupted vaping with their favorite e-flavor. Most importantly, the NKD 100 delivers a nice mouth-to-lung vaping style that imitates smoking. In fairness, the NaKed 100 Max is right for any first-timer. Compact in size, ergonomic mouthpiece, and is easy to use. You can buy the NKD 100 Max 4500 at the Ravenroute store for $9.99