Make Your Vaping Buttonless With Big Boy Glow

Big Boy Glow Disposable Vape

Reserved your vape needs to the pocket-friendly vapes? Well, the disposables are perfectly suitable for those who are living a life that is always on the go. Amid the vast variety of such vapes is the Big Boy Glow that not only gives you one of the best disposable vape vibes but also has an eye-capturing look and finely blended e-liquid.

As the name suggests, this vape pen is grabbing the attention of the vapers with its glowing properties and has been bagging up vaping revenues speedily because of its effortless production of the puffs which gives your throats excellent hits.

Draws of Big Boy Glow: An Ultimate Source To Flawless Vaping

This vape unit comes with puffs that are larger in size and bigger in numbers, almost up to 3500. The e-liquid is not made out of harmful compounds and contains a balanced proportion of the vegetable glycerine and propyl glycol that is 70:30 and the nicotine concentration has been provided per the desires of puffers and therefore 5% of nicotine salt per 8ml of vape juice has been provided in each system.

The vapors become more interesting when there is nothing that has to be maintained or checked. So, is the case of Big Boy Glow Disposable Vape which comes pre-filled and precharged, giving the vaper the ultimate ease to vape on with. Along with this, the design of this vape pen is cool as it supports an anti-leakage body and is battery-backed by 900mAh of current.

The next feature in line that makes this vape stand apart is the flavors that are tempting for their freshly fruity taste taken from the ripened fruits. Pamper your taste buds on every inhale by selecting the perfect taste match from the following five fabulous flavors…

#1 Cotton Clouds For ultra-soft and velvety flavors that taste exactly like the cotton candies. To take yourself back to the nostalgia of the carnivals, vape with this one. This flavor can light up the mood rapidly and will make you content for a longer duration.

#2 Mega Mint Here's a maximized booster dose of the taste of mint for those who have madly been in love with the coolness of the authentic mint leaves. This flavor can relax you from all the day's stress even with minimal inhales. A wise pick for those who are super occupied at work and can barely manage a few minutes to sneak out to feel the freshness.

#3 Aloe Grape Ripened grapes taste sweet and sour and aloe vera extract adds a gel base sweetness that makes your vapors thick and soft. This flavor is unique but many vapers couldn't resist the taste of it and have stocked it up well in advance.

#4 Strawberry Birthday Cake Juicy strawberries mixed with lots of creams just like in a birthday cake. This taste makes each inhale sweet and buttery.

#5 Strawberry Guava Freeze Ideal for those who want a subtle sensation of menthol but more of fruity juice. Strawberries and Guavas are overloaded with a light hint of freezer feels.

Is the nicotine present in Big Boy Glow cancerous?

No, it is not at all a cancerous compound as is the case of tobacco but since it is a highly addictive compound, one should be very conscious while inhaling it. Also, people have reviewed that nicotine tends to harm their oral health. To combat this you will have to keep yourself highly hydrated. Make sure you consume lots and lots of water if you vape. Also, keep extra care for your gums, teeth, and tongue hygiene.

Now, that sure must be a flashy feeling! Big Boy Glow has everything to give you the smooth adventurous throat hits with the most flavorful feeling that is just so exciting! If you want to freewheel through their tasteful creations then visit