Lucid Flow Synthetic Disposable: Get Yourself Some Yummy Throat Hits

Lucid Flow Synthetic Disposable

Whether you are an on-the-go vaper or not, vaping with disposable is always an advantage. For both beginners and experienced puffers, these one-time usable vapes are perfect. If you are a hardcore smoker looking for a way to cut down on the habit or already are into vaping and now seek an interesting vape break then read this article till the end as we are going to lay all the reasons straight as to why vaping with Lucid Flow Synthetic Disposable can take you to fabulous flavorful throat hits. It has all the latest features which any reputed disposable vape has and the cherry on the cake is that you have a delectable taste list to choose from without having to take the trouble of creating the vape juice that matches your taste buds because we are sure that you are going to find the one!

But before we take you directly to the flavors of this vape, let us first describe some of its key specification

Features and Design of Lucid Flow Synthetic

This vape is the master of disposables bringing you above 5000 puffs that are produced by 16.5ml of vape juice containing 5% of the tobacco-free nicotine concentration. This makes it ideal for addictive smokers as the perfect way to quit smoking and take a step to abandon the habit of hitting their throats with nicotine on daily basis.

Adding to the advantages is the ergonomics used behind creating this mess-free device. It requires no light-up action as it has an in-built mechanism to activate your vape with fire and create tasty nicotine clouds for you. The battery used inside undergoes multiple testings to ensure that it keeps you safe from accidents of blowing up and overheating while you vape.

The appeal of Lucid Flow Synthetic Disposable is awesome and will leave you in splits. It has a super pleasing material that feels great while you vape and the colors used to make the outer appearance attractive are also quite captivating. Overall the build is sleek and stylish and once you hold it, you are going to love everything about it.

It’s Rechargeable but still Travel-friendly

Lucid Flow Synthetic Disposable vape is rechargeable but despite this fact, it will leave you wondering about it being still a lightweight unit. It has a USB port that can be plugged in by any of your Type-C cables and can be recharged within a few minutes. There will be no compromise in carrying this vape as it still fits in the palm of your hand and recharging doesn’t really come in the way of you getting double the number of puffs of what you otherwise get in the normal disposable pod mods.

Now, let’s take you to the most awaited part of this vape. It has a mouth-watering bunch of fruity flavors to select from. All of these are going to settle your taste buds to a permanent vaping temptation so stay careful and remember that you got to vape wisely!

This vape comes in four fantastic flavors. Try each one of these as many loved all of them and made their vaping interesting by switching to a different flavor every time!

  1. Lucid Air Peach Ice - It is created with the juice of freshly plucked peaches which are then blended with mint extract.
  2. Lucid Air Strawberry Ice - Mint sensation on strawberry flavors on every inhale and exhale you make. Nothing can beat this one.
  3. Lucid Air Banana Ice - The taste of ripped bananas blended with mint flavor that feels luscious and uniquely sweet on the tongue.
  4. Lucid Air Honeydew Ice - This one holds a light taste of honeydew watermelons along with a mixture of other fruits and is blended with a menthol taste.

So, when are you giving Lucid Slow Synthetic Disposable a try? As you can sense, it has four different flavors of fruits that are blended with mint and menthol to give you a cooling sensation on every draw! It does have a lesser number of tastes but all these are phenomenal for vaping!