Vaping has been on the upswing since the early 2000s, and it shows no whiffs of slowing down. But, with so many vaping devices to decide on, who can you count on? So, whether you're a ๐Ÿšฌ smoker craving to quit or a wild vaper looking for a hasty fix, this write-up will keep you up with an incredible disposable vape solution - Titan 3500 that will pamper the taste of vaping population!

This compact, non-chargeable device will make it easy to vape without the complications of regular vapes' buttons and controls. With a built-in draw-activated firing mechanism, we're guaranteed you'll relish puffing away with Titan 3500 Disposable

What Makes Titan 3500 Different?

It is one of the most ingenious vape devices, operating on a triggered firing mechanism and capable of producing around 3500 flavored nicotine clouds. The nicotine ratio may not be as high as smoking, but it may provide half of the pleasure, which is doubled and made equally delightful by adding true flavor. You are given the option of selecting from a variety of flavors in order to satisfy your palate with the one it enjoys the best.

Every vaper endeavors instantaneous spot hitting and candid appearance when choosing a vaping device , but only disposables like the Titan 3500 Disposable Vape can satisfy those that need to feed their nicotine desire yet are always on the go. It is a perfect package of everything that makes a vape device worthwhile to take in. It procures flawless vaping with a wide range of exquisite tastes to choose from, fits neatly in pockets, and can be vaped within seconds of opening.

Titan 3500 Flavors - Titan 3500 offers an amazing 11 flavor selections from which you will have more than enough to choose from.

  1. Arctic Mint Minty Fresh โ€“ Packed with powerful mint extract.
  2. Banana Fruit โ€“ The creamy ripe banana flavour. The Blue Razz Blizzard is a blue raspberry blast.
  3. Fruity Peach Razz โ€“ Perfectly blended peaches and raspberries.
  4. The Banana Frozen โ€“ A frozen banana flavour with a hint of menthol.
  5. A Frozen Lush Experience โ€“ Watermelons with a strong menthol extract.
  6. Watermelon In purple color โ€“ Delicious watermelon juice blended with purple grapes.
  7. Strawberry Cotton Clouds - Tastes exactly like strawberry cotton candy from the fair.
  8. Lush Strawberry โ€“ Delicious strawberry juice.
  9. Rhubarb and Strawberry Nectar โ€“ A flavor combination of mangoes and strawberries.
  10. Strawberries and Apples in Sour Cream โ€“ Sweet strawberry juice combined with the sour flavor of green apples. A dash of cream enhances the flavor of this vape.

Titan 3500 provides vapers all the capabilities they want in an elegant, portable gadget that is always ready to vape. This is a durable vaping device that is always ready to go, with approximately 3,500 puffs per pod and an included 1100mAh rechargeable battery. The draw-activated firing mechanism simplifies the generation of vape clouds simply inhale and prepare for exquisite cloud production.

What you can expect from the Titan 3500 is as follows:

  1. 5% Nicotine Salt Strength
  2. Approximately 3,500 Puffs Per Pod
  3. Massive Pre-filled 9mL Capacity
  4. Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism with Integrated 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery


The Titan 3500 is raising quite a buzz in the vaping realm. This is the ideal blend of sweet and tangy blue raspberries, ready to thrill the taste buds of every vaper. Cloudage on order has never been easier, and with this palate, it's much more scrumptious!