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Hyde Retro

When it comes to new trends, e-cigarettes are here to stay and growing in popularity. You should think about stopping smoking if you are contemplating it. The following are the main benefits of using a vape pen like the Hyde Retro: Fewer people who smoke have decreased. Smoking cigarettes is terrible for your health and bad for others who are in your vicinity while you're doing it.

The Hyde Retro Disposable Pen Pod Device does not need maintenance since it is disposable and straightforward. The Hyde Retro pays tribute to legendary automatic batteries of the past with a modernized, contemporary design and a puff count of around 4000.

An internal 400mAh battery powers the Hyde Retro and can be recharged via the micro-USB charging port on the device.

Hyde Retro's Flavors Are Surprisingly Good!

  1. Iced Apple Sour - With a new pod of sour apple ice, you'll look like an expert. On the inhale, it's deliciously tart with notes of sweet sugar and ice. On the exhale, it's just as tart. Hyde Retro's sour apple ice is a must-try for anybody who likes fresh apples' crunch and juicy flavor. It's so excellent that you may prefer it to the original.
  2. A Tropical Cocktail Made With Pineapple and Coconut Milk - Your favorite energy sports drink is now ready to vape all day, every day, with only a few puffs. You need a taste of sweet pineapple with a tang to get you through the rest of the week. When it comes to the flavor of a pina colada, you want perfection, yet it eludes you—a highly sought-after and very enticing liquid.
  3. The Combination of Raspberry And Watermelon - You'll be smitten with this smooth and creamy concoction of delicious raspberries and luscious watermelons. It does taste like a smoothie but in the sky, for those who like the flavor of fresh fruit. You're OK to go as long as you have this Hyde Retro Raspberry Watermelon in your pocket.
  4. The Ice Cream Flavor Blue Razz - A delicious concoction of blueberries and raspberries served over ice will have you craving more. It's impossible to resist this flavor after the first taste of sweet blue raspberries, followed by the calm whisper of ice. This flavor will put you in the holiday spirit and make your day a little bit better.
  5. Watermelon and Peach Mango Churros – It has a flavor reminiscent of tropical summer fruits. Peaches, mangoes, and luscious watermelon combine to create an outlandishly sweet low mix that gets things started on the inhale. The mixture is delicious, and the last touch is a creamy one.
  6. Aloe Grape - The time has come to relax with a beautiful aloe grape flavor that is fresh, juicy, and bright, with delectable aloe vera mixed just rightly with sweet and sour grapes. It's 5 o'clock someplace, so why not? In a way, it's like taking a mini-vacation with you everywhere you go. Aloe grape will transport you to a tropical haven.
  7. Strawberries & Cream - The interaction between strawberries and cream is experienced in this delicious strawberry and cream mix. While inhaling, the perfect quantity of cream-infused strawberries becomes delicious. You'll be delighted with just one sniff, yet you'll find yourself constantly wanting more.

Choose One

Those above are only a few of the more than 20 flavors available in the Hyde Retro collection. Stop speculating about the taste and put one in your vaporizer right now! Each flavor will bring back memories of your favorite foreign foods.

To Sum It Up

Hyde's smallest rechargeable disposable ever, yet it has the most puffs yet, with 4000 puffs in each cartridge. To make it comfortable to hold, the retro has a rubberized feel, a semi-transparent e-liquid chamber, and a belled drip tip. Because of this, you will need to buy a Micro USB Charger separately.

The VG/PG ratio is precisely right for a smooth, relaxing smoke experience. You're missing out if you haven't given it a go yet. There are a plethora of flavors available, all of which combine cold menthol for a mouth-watering experience. It's the ideal size for your hand, and you'll carry it wherever you go with pride.