Get Carried Away With The Awesomeness Of Orion Pods!

You'll discover that the Lost Vape Orion, which debuted on the market with an amazing stainless metal body, is undoubtedly amazing in terms of quality. Its frame comes in various finishes: Stainless, Black, Blue, and Gold.

To fully highlight its outside attractiveness, its front and rear panels include inlays with a variety of motifs, including Ocean Scallop, Gold Abalone, and Carbon Fiber. A locked lever to remove its pod, each round firing button, a tiny Bright indicator, and an adjustment button are all visible from the outside. By now, we can understand that you are already a fan of these amazing Orion Pods and it is quite obvious as well. So, let us not keep you waiting anymore and directly move on to highlight the smallest insights of the Orion Q Pods in deeper detail. Stay tuned with us till the end!

What Are The Unprecedented Features of The Lost Vape Orion Pods?

With most devices, you would anticipate a kit to come with everything you need to start vaping, but not with Orion. You'll also need to buy the Lost Vape Orion Replacement Pod Cartridges when you buy the Orion. Nobody is entirely sure why the pods weren't shipped with the device, but that won't matter after you experience the wonderful experience this device and pod have to give.

Where To Purchase The Lost Vape Orion Pods?

  1. Nowadays, you can find this amazing device in just about any place due to its enormously expanding popularity. But we firmly advise you to choose Raven Route for your online purchases.
  2. Since we've had the pleasure of working with them for quite some time, we can attest to their expert staff, outstanding customer service, a website packed to the gills with the newest goods, and an overall shopping experience that surpasses all expectations.

Understanding The Basics Of The Orion Pods Operation!

  1. Two different kinds of pods can be purchased separately from the Lost Vape Orion Q Pod. How To Recognize The Pod Resistance: Each pod has a unique resistance and is made for either an improved flavor output or a vapor output. The Flavor Pod is 0.5 ohm, whereas the Vapor Pod measures 0.25 ohm. Turn the pod on its side to reveal the Lost Vape name and the resistance printed underneath it.
  2. The contacts on the pod should first match up with the contact on the device to properly put the pod into the device.
  3. Until the contacts connect and the end where the connections are contacting first, you can press down on the opposite side of the pod.
  4. How to Remove the Pod: To replace the pod, just pull up on it to free it from the device and then depress the securing lever on the pod's side.
  5. The top refill cap should be unscrewed and left aside, and then the pod's e-liquid should be poured inside.

Operation Orion Main!

How To UNLOCK/LOCK The Device:

You need to push the round fire button five times in quick succession (less than two seconds) to lock or release the Lost Vape Orion pods.

How to Check the Current Battery Level:

An LED light indicator that displays the device's current battery level is located above the adjustment button. To check the battery level, repeatedly press the fire key in a single second.

In The End!

We are sure that by now you must be impressed with the astonishing nature of the Orion Q Pods. Simply put, they are your single-stop solution for all your needs. They are beautiful, carry unique looks, and work with proper functioning. There is no stopping its supremacy. So, it won’t be wrong to say that if you are looking for a device like this, then it should be a big thumbs up to the Lost Vape Orion Q Pods.