Chase Clouds With The Big Bar Duo Disposable Vape

Want to spend the evening, relaxing in dense clouds, stunning juice, and straight throat hits?

The Big Bar Duo disposable vape is perfect to go vape that fits pretty much anywhere. It features an easy and fulfilling vape experience while on the go. The 5% salt nicotine, 1100mAh integrated battery, 2200 puffs make it such an easy transition.

The Big Bar Duo is the perfect disposable vape pod for those of you who are always on the go and do not want to have to worry about juice or batteries. With this pod you will have all you need and once you are done, you can just dispose of it and move on to the next one. The salt nic vape juice inside this bad boy is designed to replicate the feel of inhaling a cigarette.

Bonus Point: Switch Between the Flavours!

Yes, you heard it right. With Big Bar Duo Disposable Vape, you can switch between 2 flavours, which means a double explosion of the flavour with 1100 smooth hits each. If you are feeling like this week is just starting even though you are in the middle of it, this pod is an easy way to get through the day without the hassle and without that nasty cigarette taste.

Let’s know about the double-trouble flavours in detail. Make sure you pick up some Summer flavours before it’s too late. So, come indulge yourself in the goodness of high steam production and a bewitching variety of flavours to choose from.

Duo #1 - Banana Ice x Strawberry Banana

For those long summer nights and endless sunsets, this combination of banana ice and strawberry banana is the go-to. On one side you can experience the smooth taste of ripe bananas that are combined with a cooling touch of menthol and icy splash. While other 1100 puffs deliver a delectable combination of sugary strawberries and sweet bananas, blended to perfection.

Duo #2 -Blue Razz x Triple Strawberry

Do you want something to keep you cool on a hot summer day? Do not forget to try this beautiful duo of blue razz and triple strawberry that can deliver some instant smooth relaxation. Blue razz delivers 1100 puffs of a typical and smoothing temptation while another 1100 puffs of triple strawberry deliver proper foam strawberry flavour with no chemical taste and yummy cool hits.

Duo #3 - Cotton Candy Ice x Hawaiian Ice

This duo is full of flavour with the real-deal 1100 cotton candy ice and 1100 Hawaiian ice hits. Every inhales of cotton candy ice exhilarates your senses with a delectable bold and sugary cotton candy taste with icy undertones. Ans, every inhale of Hawaiian ice stimulates your taste buds with a juicy and rejuvenating blend of oranges, berries and guavas. Both the flavours are just perfect to vape all day.

Duo #4 - Melon Ice x Melon Peach Rings

All thanks to the sweet and refreshing combo of juicy melon ice and sweet and sour melon peach rings, this vape by Big Bar Duo will definitely become one of your favourites. Melon ice has a true flavour of summer with juicy undertones on the inhale combined with an icy cool finish. Melon Peach Rings is a secret blend that can definitely brighten up your tiring afternoon.

Duo #5 - Skittles x Candy

Sounds delicious and tastes too. Skittles flavour has all the taste of your childhood skittles cand with juicy fruits and a refreshing menthol effect. The other half candy flavour is the ultimate blend of candies where on inhale you can taste a fresh sip of sugary juice which is too amazing to stop. Again next perfection from the Big Bar Duo. If you are obsessed with the taste of candies, this duo will land perfectly on your palate.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Big Bar Duo with your favourite Duo and start chasing clouds like never before.