Brighten Up Your Evenings With Big Boy Mega Rechargeable

Big Boy Mega Rechargeable Disposable Vape

You'll never want to touch a traditional cigarette ever again. Introducing Big Boy Mega Rechargeable, the sleek and slim portable e-cigarette that satisfies all your nicotine cravings in one puff! With its long-lasting 4000 puffs per vape capacity and 12 amazing flavour selections, from menthol tobacco to citrus fruit bouquets, you're sure to find something for everyone.

Wake up to a wide range of new smoking pleasures. Stop by at your local vape shop and get your name on the fresh list with this vape. Find that healthy feeling you've been craving with our relaxing flavours, or find a sweet sensation in one (or two) of our 12 unique flavours. Our Pocket-sized Vapes are perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, so secure yours before they're gone! It is disposable with no mess and easy clean up Their innovative packaging will guarantee safe travel without leakage.

About Yummy Big Boy Mega Rechargeable Flavours

Welcome to the best vape flavours you've ever had. If one flavor will remind you of a big red juicy apple, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with sugar. Other will remind you of refreshing fruit smoothie that you can have anytime. So, sit back and enjoy this delicious fruit flavored vape today!

Made with the best flavor ingredients and available in sleek disposables, these flavours will produce vaping clouds reminiscent of a fruity milkshake any time. With such large margins on each sale for 0mg nicotine production, it's great to invest in these e-liquid flavours for wholesalers and consumers alike. They're an easy way to get into cloud competition or simply provide convenience for everyday use! Get yours today as stocks are low while making sure to avoid tar puffing all day long!

Imagine an island escape, with watermelons, cherries and blueberries growing out of the ground. Tuck your toes in the sand, reach for a fresh fruit snack and appreciate paradise! You'll find these flavours as refreshing as it sounds. With a smooth light sweet taste coupled with fruity tanginess, this flavour really takes you away to somewhere better - at least for a little while. If you're serving up some serious refreshment on-the-go or looking to add some simple sweetness to any mealtime adventure, then Big Boy mega vape flavors might just be what you need.

Big Boy Mega Rechargeable #1 Flavour

One and Only Blueberry Gummy. Sometimes it can feel like you're on the edge. You want to be but just don't have the flash, or that extra spark needed to light you up. Well now you can keep your energy level cool by grabbing this Blueberry Gummy! With a refreshing taste of ripe blueberries and tangy gummies, with menthol extract for an extra kick, we guarantee you won't go down without a fight!

Your lips just don't know what they're in store for with this Blueberry Gummy Vape Flavour. With a cool inhale, zingy gummy notes are met with the perfect balance of juicy blueberries. This vape flavour is truly one-of-a-kind and you'll be hooked from your first breath to the exhale!

This refreshing vape is a perfect way to beat the heat. Best served Flavour! Not for the faint of heart, this flavour packs a punch with tart and sweetness paired with robust and tanginess. Sip on this stimulizing vape throughout any summer day to quench your thirst.

Why Choose Big Boy Mega?

Race through your day without stressing about running out of air with a lightweight, sleek, Big Boy Mega Rechargeable Disposable vape. It comes with an intuitive display to keep track of puffs and voltage for you while delivering twice the flavour in just one puff. Brighten up any event with this iconic vaporizer featuring our signature fun colors and artistic patterns! With 4000 puffs per vape you can spend less time charging and more time partying on your terms! Add some personality to your vape today!