Slammed With Incredible Appeal, Mr. Fog Max Air Is the Vape You Need

For all-day satisfaction, a vaper looks for having a smart vape with all the facilities that add up to deliver the premium quality nic hits. Mr. Fog Max Air is a great combination of flavors and performance. Providing comfort and convenience with zero handlings of vape juice and the battery recharges, it can get you a prolonged puff number of around 3000 without any disturbance in the flow. Here’s a quick run-through through this smart vape gadget…

Features that Build the Integrity of Mr. Fog Max Air

It comes in 6 flavor variants, each one of which brings all the goodness and sweetness for the vaper. The total of about 3000 puffs that can be pulled without any lighting up action is concentrated with 5% of strong nicotine strength per weight of the 8ml e-liquid in every device. To add more texture and taste to your clouds, the appropriate VG/PG ratio of 70/30 is added.

It holds a battery of 1100mAh power and yet the design looks sleek and feels light. Ideal for travlers and workaholics. Just slide out of your pockets and begin inhaling your stress-busrting nicotine draws.

The cylindrical shape adds incredible appeal and the quality of the mouthpiece and material used feels great in touch. There won’t be any leakings or overheating.

# Dispose of this unit wisely. Only put it in the e-waste or follow necessary protocols that are necessary to keep the environment healthy.

Flavors of Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Beat the League

Taking other disposables on the toes with its 6 extraordinary flavors that all come with the cooling sensation of mint, it is the perfect vaping treat for mint lovers. Here are all the flavors of Mr. Fog Max Air-

  1. Apple Grape Freeze
  2. Peach Blue Raspberry Freeze
  3. Peach Pineapple Freeze
  4. Peach Strawberry Watermelon Freeze
  5. Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Freeze
  6. Watermelon Kiwi Freeze

# Minors and pregnant women must not use this vape system. It is dangerous for the brain development of children.

Is Mr. Fog Max Air good for beginners?

For those who are new to vaping, be it smokers switching to vaping or fresh puffers, this unit is great for both because there is nothing that you need to learn or practice to use this device, and second, it gives you tobacco free clouds. The DL vapers won’t find it much captivating as the draw resistance, as compared to the traditional cigs and mod tanks, is restricted. To bring an end to your tobacco addiction, it is always nice, to begin with, this vape disposable. It has a high cloud size number. Flawless consistency and refreshing tastes make your vape time interesting and seemingly cool.

# Addictive use of this unit is equally hazardous to your health as is the use of tobacco.

Where can I order real Mr. Fog Max Air?

You have to be very careful while making a selection of your vape as many fraud products are being marketed. The FDA does not regulate the flow of vapes and hence chances of having a fake vape become higher. Always shop from famous online stores like and cross-check the labels carefully. Scan the QR code and also verify the ingredients and their respective concentrations with the list issued by WHO and FDA. Make sure you research well online.

Wrapping Up,

Delve into the lavishness of puffing on mouth-watering flavors. We bet you are going to love Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable as it surely takes its vapers to an experience beyond ordinary. Its automatic light-up feature with awesome flavored cloud and smartly designed chassis make the puffing experience fancy so much so that the vaper won’t ever miss the tobacco-supported puffing. Just be mindful of vaping it wisely as nicotine is an addictive compound. Have you made up your mind to vape on unstoppable scrumptious vapors that come with no mess of maintenance? Here’s your vape lord!